The Advertisers of the PLANTFINDER, PLANTFINDER WEST and the Plant and Supply LOCATOR took another trip to CHINA !
IPM China in Foshan
Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing
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"Let yourself be taken by inspiration"

Long ago, while Europe remained in the Dark Ages, horticultural techniques flourished in the Far East. In China, homes, palaces and temples had enclosed gardens with trees, bridges, pavilions and artificial landscapes and lakes.

Chinese gardens were planned like Chinese landscape scroll paintings, with a succession of views, or garden areas, for different experiences or moods. They were not overtly symmetrical like Western and Near Eastern gardens, but planned to look more natural, and included rocks as important features. Many lovely gardens were created in ancient Suzhou. Chinese also created a special miniature type of garden called penjing, the forerunner of Japanese bonsai gardens. From there, we all can say that the horticulture and landscape gardening market in China has been booming for a very long time.

Current research substantiates remarkable economic growth, and market opportunities in China for U.S. companies as well as Chinese opportunities in the United States. New sites on the Internet also suggest the rapid development of Chinese industry - - for example is an impressive display of Chinese activity.

For the past two years, we have noticed in our activity reports that thousands of sites on the Internet, many from China, have links to All of these facts have made China the number one emerging economic power. Betrock Information Systems wishes to be along side with its resources available to the Chinese growth.

For this reason, China's biggest trade show in Shanghai has shown impressive increase in producer's participation, 30% increase in show space, 400 domestic and international exhibitors from 15 countries; Germany and other European countries will participate in national pavilions.

As Mrs. Jiang Weixian, Secretary General of the China Flower Association puts it:
"As a sun-rising industry, Chinese floriculture and garden industry has witnessed a fast development in recent years. "

And, in the United States, Betrock Information Systems is very well aware of this fact.

Stephen Wu, Group Exhibition Director of Intex Shanghai said:
"World Expo Shanghai sets even higher goals to Shanghai. This provides unprecedented business opportunities for floricultural, horticultural and turf field producers and distributors…"

Now to paraphrase Mr. Axel Bartkus, Project manager at Galabau China 2005, the International Trade Fair for Urban Green and Landscaping: Design - Construction and Maintenance:

"The horticulture and landscape gardening market in China is booming. China is currently the fastest growing economy in the world. With a bilateral trade volume of € 43.2 billion last year, China is in Germany's Top Ten most important trading partners. According to data released by the Federal Statistics Office, in the second quarter of the current year alone, German exports to China increased by almost 28 percent compared to the previous year. There are very good medium to long-term development and business prospects for horticulture and landscape gardening in China".

And we at Betrock Information Systems wish to be there and participate in the Chinese ever-growing industry by offering a network of information that will bring Chinese, European and American horticultural professionals together for a better, bigger more profitable joined venture.

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Our objective here is to bring American and Chinese professionals together into a common
environment where they can share information about product availability.

So, coming soon ...

Betrock Information Systems is currently negotiating a partnership with a
Chinese Publisher from the Chinese Department of Forestry in order to create a PlantFinder China.
We will let you know how things go
and what we can do for you to increase your business beyond the traditional borders.

Please visit our Photo Gallery from our trip to China in December, 2005.