The Advertisers of the PLANTFINDER, PLANTFINDER WEST and the Plant and Supply LOCATOR took a trip to EUROPE !
Internationale Pflanzen Messe (IPM), Essen Germany
and a Trade Mission to the Loire Valley, France

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"Let yourself be taken by inspiration"

In the world of horticulture,
the Europeans want to know what the Americans have,
the Europeans want the Americans to know what they have.
Betrock Information Systems, Hutchinson Publishing, SUSTA, SNA
want everyone to know what everyone has.

As international trade, the Internet, email facilities and cell phone communications have made this world a much smaller place, imagine how small it will get one year from now, or five years from now, with the new technological developments we see almost on a daily basis.

It is obvious that the horticultural industry must be involved internationally to remain competitive, as today accurate information is the key to success. We must go beyond the day-to-day operations, get involved in an endless forward-thinking mode in order to become active participants of the upcoming horticultural facelift.

....... In 2000, the European Union (EU-15) imported more than $63 million in US nursery products. In 2001, the EU-15 imported $66 million; an increase of 4% compared to the same period the previous year. The European Community is the largest regional market for U.S. nursery products outside of North America.

The Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA) has published several market analysis and assessments of the European horticultural industry. These researches have suggested that new European markets are endlessly emerging to answer an increasing demand in the Union.

For example, in Spain the US exports of Nursery products and cut flowers have increased from $1,482,000 in 1999 to 4,387,000 in 2003. In Italy, the US exports of Nursery products and trees have increased from $281,000 in 2003 to $293,000 in 2004.

On the other hand, Europe has a variety of market conditions available to US companies, whether it is indoor or outdoor plants including different climatic zones, which cover the entire Southern US growing region. The importance of providing a large variety of hearty and new plant varieties to the EU-15 market is the key to meeting consumer demand throughout Europe.

As European's interest in gardening, landscaping, and home plants continues to grow, opportunities will begin to increase for US plant materials into the EU-15 market place through garden centers, auction houses, importers and other profitable avenues. For example, France is the third largest European nursery grower by acreage and the second largest European market in value. France exported 51.6 million worth of trees and shrubs in 2001 and imported 152.1 million worth of outdoor trees and shrubs in 2001, which made it the second European importer after Germany, but the number one importer for Rhododendrons and Azaleas. French buyers are definitively very interested in what the U.S. growers have to offer.

..... The United States is well positioned to increase its sales of ornamental trees and shrubs to France. Following their participation to the Internationale Pflanzen Messe (IPM) in Essen, Germany last January, and a Trade Mission to France's Loire Valley in February, Betrock is now intensively involved in encouraging the European growers and suppliers to inform the U.S. horticultural industry as to what they have to offer, therefore stimulating the European presence in the U.S. industry.

We are planning to nurture our relationships with SUSTA, and (SNA).
We will be using our experience to offer valuable additions to the vital services
that they are already offering this industry.
We wish to encourage American professionals in the horticultural industry
to join SUSTA and/or SNA in order to participate in these
valuable and important events in Europe.

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 SNA - IPM : A partnership for the Advancement of Horticulture

Our objective here is to bring American and European professionals together into a common
environment where they can share information about product availability.

So, coming soon ...

An International Network for Horticultural Trading (INHT)
INHT, European and American companies will be able to perform fast searches for products, plants, and various allied supplies, which are available in the United States, and in Europe. They will be able to communicate with each other freely. INHT will not be another e-commerce bound for failure. No transaction will take place, just information and contacts, for free.
In addition to product listings, we will be offering all the necessary information for import, export, product preparation, packaging, phytosanitary requirements, certifications, American and European regulations, import duties, seasonal conditions, communications between sellers and buyers, payments, shipping and freight forwarders, insurance requirements, and handling among others.
American and European suppliers will be able to advertise in this center in the form of display ads (pages and / or banners) and/or priority listings.

Please visit our Photo Gallery from our trip to Europe last January and February.