Links and References

A Guide to native British Trees
Australian Carnivorous Plant Society
Australian Systematic Botany Society
Botanical Society of Scotland
British Fuchsia Society
Commercial Horticultural Association (CHA), UK
The European Weed Research Society
Flora of Europe
Flower Garden
Flowers & Plants Association
Hortilien - The French Horticultural Server
i Can Garden - Canadian Internet Gardening Resource
ISHS, International Society for Horticultural Science
Internetgarden, Greenfingers UK gardening magazine
Internet Resources for Botany - Gardening, Helsinki, FI
Israeli Society of Botany
The Latin American Plant Sciences Network, Chile

Ontario Horticultural Association, Canada
Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia
Plantfinder, The RHS Plant finder home page
The Europeen Plant Index
Plants for a Future
Plant Production Club
The Rainforest Site/Preservation
The Royal Horticultural Society, UK
Seeds of Italy
SocietÓ Botanica Italiana - The Botanical Society of Italy
SGAP, Society for Growing Australian Plants
Spanish Association of Parks and Public Gardens
UK's First Citrus site
Victoria Horticultural Society, British Columbia, Canada
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