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The NEW LandScheduler is now here!...
The LandScheduler is a program designed for landscape architects, designers, landscapers, and the landscape maintenance professionals. The three main features of this program are the scheduling of landscape jobs with billing features, route sheets and report printing, the project management allowing you to either prepare an estimate or a bid with reports ready for submission, and the nursery layout and inventory control with sale reports. The plant and supply availability offered in order to prepare an estimate comes directly from the availability published monthly in the PlantFinder magazine. The price of $349.95 includes one year of listing updates. (12 issues downloadable

The new Betrock's Guide to Landscape Palms
by Alan W. Meerow, Ph.D. and Derek Burch, Ph.D. A scientific reference for the 151 most popular palms used in the landscape. The CD contains color photographs, scientific information and criteria selections. Also contains references for disease and pest control, disorders and much more.

The NEW PlantFinderPlus now here!...
The PlantFinderPlus program on CD is a dynamic computation of all plant and supply listings of the last 12 months published in the PLANTFINDER magazine. It displays plant and supply availability along with the suppliers' inventories. A comparative price and market analysis for the last 12 months and the current issue are also computed each month. All listings and inventories can be printed. The program also allows you to write plant and supply material into a personal file for printing in preparation of a project or estimate. The program will also allow you to maintain availability notes about each plant, a personal vendor file and their inventory. Each plant availability search will access your personal vendors' listings.
The PlantFinderPlus CD only at US$119.95 includes one year of listing updates (12 issues downloadable from
The PlantFinderPlus and a one-year subscription of the PlantFinder magazine at US$159.95 also includes one year of listing updates (12 issues downloadable from

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