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Advertising in the PLANTFINDERWEST magazine is $2.25 per line. Minimum order is $45.00 (20 items or less) per issue.
Advanced payment is required for all first-time advertisers. Deadline is the 1st of the month before the next month's issue.
All ads will run continuously unless cancelled by the 1st of the month preceding the next issue

Recommendations: It is recommended that listings' descriptions, be updated on a regular basis to provide more accurate information to the potential buyers

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Listings automatically appear in the LandScheduler Software Program, PlantFinderPlus program, and in's Plant availability search page at no additional charge

For additional listings please attach to this sheet and mail to/fax to/e-mail to:

Betrock Information Systems, Inc.
7770 Davie Rd Extension - Hollywood - Florida - 33024-2516
Phone: 954.981.2821 - Fax: 954.981.2823 -

I understand that my advertising will run continuously unless specified otherwise or cancelled by the 1st of the preceding month. All invoices not paid in accordance with the terms provided, shall be subject to a late fee.
Balance older than 45 days: $10.00 - older than 60 days: $20.00 - older than 90 days: $30.00. In addition, the advertiser shall pay all costs of collection including reasonable attorney's fees.

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